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Self Makeup Class

Enjoy 3 hours of makeup lessons with hands on, and learn all the tips and tricks to complete your favorite look! Also, the makeup lessons can be the perfect gift for yourself, or for a loved one as well. You can choose an exclusive private lesson or enjoy in a small group with your friends!

Are you ready to get started?


Personal Coloring  &  Self Makeup Class

Our best colors are in harmony with our natural coloring. Personal coloring gives clues to your best-worn colors in clothing and cosmetics. The colors you select to wear are important in creating an attractive appearance and I am dedicate do help you to find the color that matches perfectly with you and also, a help you with all step by step of the makeup application.


Connecticut. New York & Beyond

+1 (202) 487-8050

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A women's greatest asset is her beauty.


-Alex Comfort

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